Beauty Treatments

Tooth Gems

Semi-Permanent Make Up

From the minute you wake up you will look stunning without having to waste time drawing your eyeliner, lip liner or pencilling your eyebrows.

We also offer treatments for beauty spots and freckles giving you the look you desire.

You can swim, shower, sweat at the gym and still have your make-up giving you the confidence knowing that all day long you will have a perfect look.

Discolorations and imperfections can be corrected using permanent makeup.

Blending and adding colour to areas that lack or have no pigment at all such as vertiligo.

Permanent make-up can disguise scars and can be used to create areolas in the case of breast surgery.


Eyebrow Shaping £10
Full Leg £35
Half Leg £20
Under Arms £10
Bikini £20
Brazilian/ Hollywood £30
Eyebrow Shape/ Tint £20
Full Arms £30
Half Arms £20
Eyebrows £350
Eye Liner £480
Lip Liner £380
Tooth Gem £15

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